Global Cash Card Wisely Review [Update 2022]

This post is an in-depth guide about the Global Cash Card Wisely Paycard programs.

Until recently, workers' compensation implied opening a bank account or cashing a check.

Here is the truth:

We all know check cashing can be time consuming and frustrating.

Wisely Global Cash Card can replace all those physical paychecks or even traditional bank accounts (with equivalent pay card digital accounts). 

Now workers can get paid much faster, without waiting and paper check depositing.  Knowing the date and time your paycheck will arrive.

What is a Global Cash Card?

It is a general-purpose reloadable account that you can use to withdraw cash on surcharge-free atm locations, pay at the store, or pay bills.

Some prefer to call it a "Payroll Payout Card", because that's what it is in the first place.

It can eater be a Visa or MasterCard, but is not a credit card and does not build credit.

Did you know that The Global Cash Card is now Wisely?
Wisely Pay MasterCard and Visa cards are issued by Fifth Third Bank, NA. Member FDIC.

Wisely Card also provides you with the ability to check your account balance and transaction history online using mobile app or via phone.

Why Use a Global Cash Card?

Global Cash Card offers so many benefits to cardholders.

For example, you can forget about check depositing, and you do not need to always carry cash with you.

Paycard programs' benefits:

  • FREE upgraded MasterCard/Visapaycard;
  • First FREE transaction per pay period;
  • FREE PIN or signature-based purchase transactions;
  • FREE debit purchase transactions;
  • Incentive cards: FREE cash back for debit purchases;
  • No monthly maintenance fee;
  • FREE online statements;
  • FREE multi-lingual "Live Customer Service" 24/7;
  • FREE e-mail, text, or voice message card alerts when the card is loaded or for each activity;
  • FREE enrollment in Rewards Program;
  • FREE cards for family members;
  • No more check-cashing fees or standing in line to cash checks;
  • Paperless payroll card: No more lost or stolen checks;
  • Over 43,000 Allpoint Network surcharge-free ATM's;
  • Card-to-card transfers;
  • FREE automated telephone system;
  • FREE access to account balance online or on the phone;
  • Telephone or online training tutorial for cardholders;
  • Access to your money "to the penny.";
  • Digital payments: Pay bills online or direct to merchants.

How and Where to Use Your Global Cash Card

Know Your Balance. Always.

It is good to know your balance before completing any transaction to avoid declines. Check your card balance online, by calling Customer Service, or via mobile banking.

Don't check your balance at an ATM - you'll be charged a $1.00 fee.

ATM Cash Withdrawal

Your card will work at any ATM as long as you know your PIN. However, additional fees may apply if used outside of the following surcharge-free ATM locations: Fifth Third Bank ATM network or Allpoint (MC/Visa) Network surcharge-fee-free ATM.

When using an ATM, make sure to withdraw from the checking account.

Remember that there is a $1.75 charge for each additional cash withdrawal after the first transaction during the pay period. There is a max 5 ATM transactions limit per 24 hours.

Visit or to find an ATM closest to you.

Digital Wallet

Wisely direct card number can be added to your mobile wallet for easier purchases and frictionless checkout at webshops that support samsung pay, apple pay, and google pay. 

Point of Sale Purchase

The paycard can be used to make Debit or Credit purchases.

Select Debit and use a PIN as a cardholder verification method. This is needed for using your instant issue card but is also preferred when you want to earn cashback from the sale. There are NO fees charged for any debit purchases.

You can select Credit with signature (as a cardholder verification method). A fee is not  charged for signature purchases. Credit with signature can be used for all of your purchases at gas stations, grocery stores, malls, retail stores, movie theaters, and other merchants.

Remember that these purchases do not require a PIN (online or offline).

Use Global Cash Card at Gas Station

When at a gas station, it is better to use one of the following two options instead of using the card to pay at the Pump:

  • Pay Inside: Press Pay Inside while at the gas pump. To have your paycard charged for the actual amount only, go inside after pumping your gas and pay for the exact amount of gas used.
  • Prepay Inside: Go inside the gas station and prepay the amount you want to pay for gas. Then pump your gas until you complete the transaction. Your paycard will be charged for the prepaid amount only. 

Pay at the Pump: Not Recommended. When Paying at the Pump, $76.00 will be put on hold on your card. You will be charged a decline fee in case if you do not have that amount on your card. After you finish pumping your gas, it usually takes several days to reconcile the transaction. After reconciliation, if you used less than $76.00, the unused amount will be credited to your card account.

Use Paycard at a Rent-a-Car Agency and Hotel

Most hotels or rental car agencies will pre-authorize (put a hold on your card) somewhere between $300 - $500 before the final transaction. A ten-day or even two-week hold may be placed on your paycard in the amount of the pre-authorization request (any other currency will be converted to USD).

Use Global Cash Card at a Restaurant

When using the paycard at a fast-food restaurant, the paycard will be charged for the exact purchase amount. When using your card at a full-service restaurant, most restaurants automatically add 25% gratuity to the bill to cover the tip's cost.

In case if the required amount is not available on the card, it will be declined.

Money Transfer to a Bank Account

You can transfer part of the money or even all funds from a Global Cash Card to an existing bank account. Only the first transaction for the pay period is free; for each subsequent transaction, the fee is $1.00 per transaction.

Internet Purchases

You can use your Visa paycard for online purchases. There is no fee charged for internet purchases.

Global Cash Card Features and Benefits

More Ways to Make Deposits to Card

You can load additional funds to the paycard at Western Union or MoneyGram locations. Global Cash Card does not charge for this service. However, these merchants charge for each load from $4.45 to $5.95.

Additional payroll can be deposited directly to your paycard by employers.

If you upgrade your Wisely account, you will be able to use the early direct deposit option.

Employers can contact Global Cash Card Customer Service at 1-866-395-9200 for ACH Direct Deposit inquiries.

Companion Cards

You can request FREE companion cards for family members. A cardholder may transfer money from the paycard to the companion card without any fee. The companion card has access only to funds transferred to that card. Companion cards are convenient for children, college students, family members abroad, or family members out-of-the-country.

Rewards Program

Reward programs are designed to provide additional benefits and discounts for the cardholder - for example, PerksCard and Visa rewards program. There is a free signup option for these programs.

Government Funds and Tax

Get your tax refund, unemployment or social security benefits on your GCC account instead of on government card or check.

Global Cash Card Paycard Activation Process

You can activate your "instant issue" paycard online or via phone: call 1-866-929-8096 or visit and follow the guided steps.

During the activation process, you'll need to select a 4-digit PIN. It will enable you a secure way to ATMs and point-of-sale retailers.

As with any other Personal Identification Number, you should keep it secret.

Up to 10 days after your first payroll deposit, at your home address, you will receive an embossed Visa paycard, with your name personalized on it.

After activating a personalized paycard your funds will automatically transfer from the "instant" issue paycard to your new personalized Visa paycard. Please read your cardholder agreement and disclosure papers thoroughly.

Remember, the first cash withdrawal transaction per each pay period is FREE.

Accessing the Paycard Account

Online Account Activation

Visit the Global Cash Card Online Service Center and click Setup MY Account. Choose your new credentials: a Username and Password.

The next time you visit, only the Username and Password will be required for the Global Cash card login.

Even better way for managing your account is through the myWisely app.

E-mail, Text, and Voice Messaging Alerts

A cardholder can set up to receive e-mail, text, or voice alerts when the paycard falls below a certain amount and for each deposit. You can do it via an online portal or by calling Global Customer Service.

Two-Way Texting

You sign up for the two-way texting service online or by calling Customer Service. It will allow you to access your account anywhere using two-way texting mobile banking.

View the most recent debits, withdrawals, and deposits, or check your account balance before shopping.

Changing Your PIN

You can easily change your PIN as often as needed, at no cost, by calling Customer Service. If you suspect that your PIN is compromised, changing it will protect you against unauthorized paycard use.

Some More Details about the Global Cash Card Wisely

Amounts transferred to your savings account will no longer show in your available balance.

The FDIC Lost or Stolen Paycards guarantee all card balances.

Additionally, cardholder funds are protected using a PIN, Regulation E, and the Visa Zero Liability Policy.

The Visa Zero Liability Policy guarantees all credit/signature transactions.

A lost or stolen paycard should be immediately reported to Global Cash Card Customer Service. Global Cash Card will instantly freeze the remaining card balance and reissue a new personalized paycard.

Suppose the cardholder has the instant issue paycard. In that case, Global Cash Card will transfer any money to that paycard, so the employee has immediate access to his funds.

Cardholders are advised not to give out their PIN because a PIN-based transaction is considered an authorized transaction.

Global Cash Card's Fraud Department handles such each inquiry on a case by case basis. 

Suppose your card is lost or stolen, or you believe someone is using your card without your permission. In that case, you must notify the Global Cash Card immediately and assist in the investigation. See cardholder agreement for details.

You can call  1-866-395-9200 or go to if you have any additional questions regarding your Global Cash Card.

This article was updated on December 30, 2021


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